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Why does the wicked renounce God? Psalm 10:13

Wickedness is not a new phenomenon; it only takes new forms. In one generation, wickedness is clothed in hypocrisy. But in another generation, wickedness is clothed in defiance. Once you see this, it will help you in praying through the issues of our day.

For many years, polls showed that about one third of Americans regularly attended a place of worship. Today about 17% attend church at least once a month. That means 83%, the vast majority, are now outside the church.

Everything seems to be changing around us. And in one sense it is. But at another deeper level, it’s exactly the same. In the last generation, more people were resisting God while sitting in a church. Today more people are resisting God without ever bothering to show up in church.

If we take the Bible seriously, there will be times when the wicked seem to be winning. Let’s not be naïve about evil, sin, and its power. As Christians, we say we believe that men and women are born sinners, hostile to God, and dead in trespasses and sins.

If so, then why are we surprised when sinners want to sin? Sinners will always want to sin, and they will constantly find new ways of sinning. This is the world in which we live, the world in which we suffer, and the world in which we bear witness.

Christians who understand this world learn to pray. The more we understand the nature of this world, the more we will not only pray, but we will long for the new heaven and the new earth, the home of righteousness, where sin will be no more.

Does the default position of the human heart—antagonism toward God—shape the way you pray? Ask God to help you long more for heaven and to better understand this world.