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When he comes on that day… to be marveled at among all who have believed. 2 Thessalonians 1:10

Jesus is coming back to be marveled at by all who have believed. And if you’re a Christian, you are included in this too. Imagine the whole church—Christians from all around the world and across the centuries—marveling at Christ; Christians who loved Christ, served Christ, worshipped Christ, and suffered for Christ.

They sat in church and heard about Jesus, sang about Him, and at times He seemed distant from them, but now they see His glory. He is so much more than the best thought any of us have ever had about Him. They’re saying, “I knew He was great, but I never imagined anything like this!”

We get excited about watching sports, but when the game is over, the television goes off and we say, “What’s next?” Nothing holds our attention for very long. Well, no one will be saying, “What’s next?” when the glory of Jesus is revealed. We will marvel at Him, and this marveling will continue for all eternity.

Have you begun to marvel at Jesus, the Son of God, who took our flesh and lived our life, who bore our sin and died our death, who rose for our justification and lives for our sanctification, and who will come again for our glorification? Is He marvelous to you?

There are thousands and thousands of people in this world who cannot see anything unique, compelling, or glorious in Jesus Christ. What about you?