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Watch Your Doctrine: Session 6

Propitiation and Redemption

In this session, Pastor Colin unpacks what some consider the most important paragraph ever written and how it teaches two theological words that get to the very heart of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

Watch Your Doctrine - Propitiation and Redemption - Teaching (audio)

Propitiation and Redemption PDF Transcript

Discussion Questions:

  • Define propitiation and redemption.
    • A propitiation is a gift or payment offered to placate the anger of an offended person.
    • To redeem is to purchase by the payment of a price.
  • Why do you think Leon Morris called Romans 3:23–25 “possibly the most important paragraph ever written”?
  • Why can’t God just choose to forgive without a sacrifice? In other words, why is propitiation necessary?
  • The wrath of God is not the most popular topic today, but we can’t have a strong grasp of the gospel without it. Why do we need to understand the wrath of God in order to understand propitiation?
  • How are propitiation and redemption connected? (See Romans 3:23–25.) Even when we were God’s enemies, God presented His Son, Jesus Christ, as propitiation for our sins. What does this tell us about God? (See 1 John 4:10.) How can you deepen your awe of God and His grace?

Discussion Question PDF

Respond to the teaching in prayer:

  • Praise God for the redemption that is ours in Jesus Christ!
  • Confess that you haven’t always appreciated God’s generosity in offering a propitiation for your sins and bringing you into His family.
  • Thank Him that You are His twice, created and bought!
  • Ask God for a deeper grasp of all of the doctrines we’ve covered in this module and for those doctrines to lead to greater worship.

Go deeper on the doctrines of propitiation and redemption:

Six Things You Need to Know about God’s Wrath by Pastor Colin

God is Just: Six Helps from This Hard Truth by Pastor Colin

The Power in the Blood of Jesus Christ by Kevin Halloran

Theological Essay: Propitiation and Redemption by Ligon Duncan

Assignment: Write a two-page reflection paper on how each session in this module applies to the ministry God has called you to, whether that be an “official” ministry position or serving as a church member, a parent, a friend, etc.

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