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Practical Training for Christian Leaders

Taking on a leadership role in Christian ministry is never easy. Whether you are leading a small group, teaching a Sunday school class, serving as a missionary, or pastoring a church… establishing deep roots in God’s Word is essential to serving effectively and glorifying the Lord.

Open the Bible for Leaders is a free video-based training platform designed to equip all kinds of leaders with a solid biblical foundation and practical, actionable guidance for establishing fruitful gospel ministry for the long haul. In addition, leaders who’ve participated say that it has given them inspiration for their walk with God and refreshment when they’ve grown weary.


In Paul’s letter to Timothy, he provides commands that provide the foundation for all Open the Bible for Leaders content—watch your life, watch your doctrine, and stir up the gifts in you. These three commands form the basis for our training ministry.

Training modules currently available include:

 Watch Your Life (Pastor Colin Smith)—Learn foundational truths to help you obey the command to watch your life closely (1 Timothy 4:16). 

        • Lesson titles include Growing in Godliness, Feeding on Christ, Praying in the Spirit, Battling Temptation, Exercising Faith, Discerning God’s Will

 Watch Your Doctrine (Pastor Colin Smith)This course will ground you in the core doctrines of the faith so you can live and minister more effectively.

        • Lesson titles include Knowing God, God Speaks, Ruined by Sin, Regeneration by the Spirit, Redemption by the Blood, and Justification by Faith

Other training modules:

 Sustaining a Lifetime of Ministry (Pastor Colin Smith)—Lesson titles include Expectations, Limitations, and Progress.

 Grasp the Gospel (Dr. Scott Lothery)—Lesson titles include Lord, Sin, Savior, Faith, The Gospel & God’s Love

 Pray the Bible (Kevin Halloran)—Lesson titles include Why Prayer Matters, Why Pray the Bible, Praying the Psalms, Praying the Apostle Paul’s Prayers, Obstacles to Prayer.

 A Flight Through the Bible Story (Pastor Colin Smith)—Lesson titles include 5 People from the Old Testament, 5 Events from the Life of Christ, and 5 Gifts God Gives to Every Believer..



There are three ways to engage Open the Bible for Leaders training:

  As an Individual. Go at your own pace and go deeper with bonus content and assignments.

  As a GroupParticipate with your small group or ministry team. Select a facilitator among your group & go deeper together with helpful discussion questions, optional bonus content, and recommended assignments.

  With an Open the Bible for Leaders Cohort. (Coming soon!) Join an online cohort for group discussion, assignment review, and prayer

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