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Unlocking the Bible becoming Open the Bible

While on the surface this may seem like a minor change, we have approached this important topic of our name change with a great deal of planning and prayer.  What will not change is our adherence to God’s Word as the foundation of all we do. The name has changed, but the two most important words: “The Bible” have remained the same!

Why are you changing your name from Unlocking the Bible to Open the Bible?

There are four main reasons for this change:

  • First, in these uncertain times, our team feels a renewed sense of urgency toward the work we are blessed to do. If there were ever a time for people to Open the Bible and meet Jesus, it is undoubtedly now. The word ‘Open’ is very compelling in this way. It’s an inviting word AND it is also a call to action at the same time.
  • Second, it is really clear that while the Bible is the world’s best-selling book, many of the people who buy Bibles never open them. The biggest barrier to people finding Christ is not that they can’t open the Bible but that they don’t open the Bible. Our mission is to change that and our new name aligns with that mission.  We want to Open the Bible for people, help them Open the Bible for themselves, and equip them to Open the Bible with others.
  • Third, as the Lord has richly blessed our ministry, we now serve millions of people around the globe. Most of those people, however, know us only as a radio ministry. While radio is vital to what we do, we have so much more to offer. One major benefit to a name change is that it gives us an opportunity to re-introduce audiences to the full breadth of what we do.
  • Fourth, as we expand internationally, we have found that the name Open the Bible translates far better into the languages of the world.  

What will be different as a result of this name change?

As of June 6, many of the names of our offerings have changed to better reflect how they all fit together. For example:   

What will stay the same?

The DNA of our ministry will remain exactly as it is. God’s Word was, is, and always will be the foundation of everything we do. The two most important words of our name: “The Bible” have not changed, nor will they ever.

What should I do if I have a comment or question?

We encourage you to share any questions or comments you have by calling our toll-free number, 1-877-OPEN-365 or by visiting our Contact page.