Heaven, How I Got Here featuring Stephen Baldwin

The Thief on the Cross

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Heaven, How I Got Here

Heaven, How I Got Here: The Story of the Thief on the Cross is a film starring Stephen Baldwin as the thief who died on a cross next to Jesus and is now in heaven. As he reflects on the day he accepted Jesus as his savior and learned what it means to fear God.



How Do I Get to Heaven?

How do I get to heaven? The story of the thief on the cross makes the answer to this question crystal clear—this man had no works to offer, either before or after his salvation. His salvation was only by grace of God.

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Will I Be In Heaven?

It’s hard to imagine a more important question than that. What does the Bible say about heaven? What will it be like? And how can I know if i’ll be there? We’d love to send you a free copy of our booklet, How Can I Be Sure About Heaven.

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